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TOM FORD tuxedo overview

Whether you’re attending a wedding, spending a night at the theater or another black tie event, you want to look your best. And as far as evening wear goes, it’s hard to beat a Tom Ford tuxedo, which gets its name from Tuxedo Par in New York, which was a trendy spot for the well-dressed in the early 20th century. His immaculately tailored tuxedos, luxurious cashmere and high attention to detail make TF the go-to label for men who want to look both sophisticated and stylish. In his own words “Menswear is a detail-driven business” and that is why it is important to know the rules.
Most people think that black tie is the highest standard of evening attire while in fact, “white tie” – which is similar but different – is the highest formal dress. Black tie is considered to be evening semi-formal attire. This does not mean, however, that there are no rules. It is considered to be in bad taste to wear a tuxedo during the day. For most people, this is common knowledge. But many other rules are less well known. When wearing your Tom Ford tuxedo, it is important to keep some basic rules in mind.

  • Tuxedo, black tie and dinner jacket are different names for the same thing.
  • The fabric of your bow tie should always match that of the lapels and stripe on the pants. If you would like to stand out in your Tom Ford tuxedo, you could combine a velvet bow tie with grosgrain or even satin pant stripes and lapels.
  • Your bow tie should preferably be self-tied. It is absolutely not done to wear a long tie or a pre-tied bow tie.
  • Notch lapels are not the way to go: shawl collars or peak lapels are the only acceptable options, with both a single as well as the double breasted.
  • Wearing a pocket square is always a good idea. White cotton or linen always works well but depending on the color of your jacket, you could also go with a shade of red like burgundy.
  • A tuxedo looks best with a traditional button up shirt, which should have a spread collar and French cuffs.
  • Loafers might look good under a well-tailored suit but are absolutely forbidden under a tuxedo. Calf skin shoes are the best option, but they should always be polished and free of medallions or brogues. Opera pumps, should only be worn with white tie attire.
  • An exception to above rule are bit loafers. They are very understated and can cause offence at more formal events. The same goes for a button down shirt.
  • Not only should you avoid a belt – opt for suspenders instead – but also tuxedo pants which have belt loops, which they should never have. Obviously, if your pants stay up without suspenders, you can leave them out.
  • Your socks should be solid black and extend over the calf. There really is no other acceptable option.
  • If you want to wear a Boutonniere, always select a single blossom in white or red to wear in your lapel.
  • Traditionally, it was considered very rude to wear a watch of any kind to a black tie event. Checking your watch would make you seem like you wanted to leave and this could be very hurtful to the host. While still frowned upon, it is becoming more and more acceptable. If you choose to wear one, it should have a black band and the metal details should match your cuff links.

Another important rule of thumb, is that you should always dress for the end time of any event your attending. If a wedding starts in the afternoon and ends in the evening, you can wear your Tom Ford tuxedo. However, if the sun is still up when the event ends, you should choose another option. If the bride and groom decided to request black tie for their wedding – which takes place in the morning – you should probably still show up in your tux. In this case, it is more important to be a good guest than being right.
When wearing your Tom Ford tuxedo, there are some important things to keep in mind when selecting your bow tie. It should not only match your tuxedo but also the shape of your face. Depending on that, one of the following options is sure to work for you.
The Straight End – sometimes called “club” style or the “batwing” – works best when worn by men that are short and those with thinner faces and necks. The Butterfly is wide at the ends and narrow at the center, hence its name. This one is best worn by men who have round, large faces. A more neutral style is the Semi-Butterfly which is sometimes called a “thistle” because of its doubled corners, which give them a pointy appearance. Most men call pull this off. Men with angular faces with sharp features should opt for a Straight-End bow tie, which also complements both wing collars as well as peak lapels.
In colder weather, you should combine your tuxedo with a charcoal gray, black or navy blue dress overcoat. If you decide to wear a scarf, it should always be white. A hat is also an option as long as it’s not a top hat, which is too formal for black tie attire.
It might seem like there are a lot of rules to wearing a tuxedo but if done right, it not only makes you look sophisticated but also shows that you respect your host enough to think about all the details and getting them just right.

Tom Ford Winsdor Tuxedo Fit A

The Windsor fit is the classic Tom Ford cut. It has wide lapels, strong shoulders and a medium waist. The trousers fit a bit wider than most Tom Ford fits. The Windsor tuxedo comes in black and in midnight blue. It is dual vented. The Windsor is available with peaked lapel and with a shawl collar.

Tom Ford O’Connor Tuxedo Fit Y

The O’Connot tuxedo is the slimmer Tom Ford cut. The lapels are thinner, the shoulder is smaller and the waist is suppressed. Trousers are also slim. The O’Connor tuxedo comes in black and in midnight blue. It is also dual vented and it comes as peaked lapel and with a shawl collar.

Tom Ford Dinner jackets

Tom Ford offers different kind of dinner jackets.

  • White and ivory shawl collar jackets
  • White and ivory peaked lapel jackets
  • Multi colored jackets

We offer a wide selection of Tom Ford tuxedos, dinner jackets and other accessories. Click for our complete Tom Ford inventory.